In 2017 I watched ‘Gaga: Five Foot Two’ on Netflix.

I have always liked Lady Gaga’s music. I never really followed her along in the past ten years, only hearing bits and pieces here and there about her meat dress and other crazy, out there costumes. Each to their own … I haven’t really followed any artists closely for a long time – especially since becoming a parent! But I do remember years ago, Ty and I were flicking through the TV one Sunday and stumbled across a smallish live show she had done and I discovered I really liked her as well as her music … especially seeing just how much of performance she gives as well as her music/vocal talents.

Fast forward to now, me five years in to my severe chronic pain journey after my failed second back operation and coming across this documentary she was creating. I couldn’t wait for it to be released and to find the right time to watch it. I remember reading about some instagram posts that Lady Gaga had shared about managing her chronic pain in different ways and I felt for her. I also wondered how on earth she could perform and do all of that with chronic pain. I struggle just being a mum and wife! Which was why I was so interested to watch this documentary.

So I finally got around to watching it … and I had read some feedback within the chronic pain/spoonie community which just made me want to see it more. I have to say I really enjoyed it and was actually disappointed when it ended. I wanted to just keep watching. It was eye opening and so nice to see behind the scenes of an artists life. I felt sad for her after learning of her failed relationships after each major success in her career. I felt excited for her as she prepped for the super bowl – a dream come true for her! It was beautiful seeing her with her family, how close they are and how supportive and caring and loving they are … especially in relation to her new album, Joanne.

Watching her in a flare of pain … that was hard. I felt such a deep, deep sadness knowing that she has been on this journey around the same amount of time that I have been. And even when she’s not in a massive pain attack, I could still see the pain written all over her face. That was confronting to watch. It’s funny, I actually waited to get jealous as I watched her be able to have extensive treatments as part of her pain management as obviously money isn’t an issue – so she can basically have whoever, whenever on call and ready to help her as she needs. But it never came. The jealousy that I can get for people I may know personally didn’t even come into play at all with someone as famous and rich as Gaga. I felt relief for her that she had treatments almost at her disposal because all she wanted to do was to be able to perform for her loyal fans and do the very best in her artistic ways.

The empathy I feel for others since starting my own journey just continues to grow and deepen to new levels all of the time … this has definitely been one of them.

Thanks for sharing some of your life with us Lady Gaga … seriously a beautiful soul, talented artist and kick ass woman!

Chronic pain warrior or not, do yourself a favour and watch it! It’s so worth it!

Michelle xx

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