I used to go through stages where I would post a lot in social media about my condition, how it affects me and so on. And then I would worry that I have overloaded my Facebook or Instagram accounts and pull back and barely post at all. I would worry that people weren’t interested or would think I was looking for sympathy. I am never looking for sympathy. If anything, I just want people to understand and perhaps be a little more educated and therefore less judgmental of myself and others and more mindful, especially of people they don’t know, or don’t know their story. How my Chronic back pain began … and The second phase in my chronic pain journey … for more about my story…

I also wanted to be able to share with people who were perhaps just starting their own chronic pain journey, as it’s scary and both physically and mentally challenging going through such a huge life changer. It can be very scary at first and even down the track on this chronic life path. It’s nice to find others who get it and understand and who we can relate to. I follow many people and had been wanting to share my story – even if no one ever ready any of it – for me! If I can help one person in a similar position then that is even better!

Lastly … and probably some days MOST importantly…

I post and share this way so I don’t have re explain things all the time. Yes, I do love talking about chronic pain and getting awareness out there … but sometimes – I really just don’t. Especially if I am having a good, even great pain day … somebody asking me about my pain then stops me dead in my tracks and makes me think about all the hard times and the emotions that come with that are fierce and I often feel like I have my ‘good’ day ripped out from beneath me to enjoy and almost forget for a moment that I am not like everyone else at the function or wherever. This may come across as odd, ride or I don’t really know but it’s not meant to. I am positive that others in chronic pain feel this way sometimes too?? I am hope they understand what I am trying to get across without sounding like I am whinging or complaining.

So I created a blog space, a separate Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/navigatinglifewithchronicpain and changed my Instagram account  http://www.instagram.com/navigatinglifewithchronicpain to reflect me and what I wanted to share. If you want to follow the great! If not, I totally understand. It isn’t for everyone.

Chat soon,

Michelle xx

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