Are you living day in and day out with chronic pain as well? Here are 22 things that help me to function as best as I can for myself, and as a wife and mother. Although they are NOT solely for women! Anyone could benefit from 1 or all of these.

  1. Pain Medication – always remember to stay on top of these and not to let them lapse. Another good idea is to make sure you don’t run out before seeing your Doctor!
  2. Pill container – I have one like this that has 4 sections for each day and each day can be taken out so if we go away for a night or I can take just the days i need with me. FITYLE 7 Day Pill Organizer, 4 Times 28 Grids Weekly Pill Box, Vitamin Pill Case, Pill Container
  3. Book – Manage your Pain. This is a great book, full of relevant and useful information for pain management. Manage Your Pain 3rd Edition
  4. Heat Packs – I have an electric one for my bed and 3 wheat bags for the lounge room or anywhere else I may need to use or take it with me. UPDATE: My Thermo Comfort electric heat pad – exactly like this one below, blew up last week. It has 1 month left on it’s 2 year warranty. They happily replaced it for me 🙂 Thermo Comfort Heat Pad Wheat Bag Hot Pack, Red, Small, Rectangular, Regular, Unscented, 15 x 29cm, 800g, Each
  5. Ice packs – great for pain as well. When my nerve pain flares up I often alternate heat and ice 20 mins at a time. I also get migraines and these help me with these as well. Some, like this one can be used at a heat and ice pack but you’d probably want to have a couple spare. Baoblaze Hot Cold Pack – Reusable Gel Ice Pack for Injuries Headache First Aid Back Shoulder Neck Head Feet Muscle Relax FlexiKold Gel Cold Pack (Standard Size: 26.5 cm X 36.8 cm) – A6300-COLD – Professional Ice Pack Therapy
  6. Tens Machine – these are great to help distract the brain from the pain. You can get different levels for more intense pain. Omron HV-F021 Electronic Nerve Stimulator ETbotu Mini Low-Frequency Digital Meridian Massager Home Use Pulse Physiotherapy Instrument Machine Muscle Relax Pain Relief Fat Burning Massage Slimming Therapy Healthy Care Massager
  7. Essential Oils and Diffuser – We use essential oils for almost everything these days, but there is so much out there to help with chronic pain, migraines, sleep, relaxing, calming – it is limitless. I roll a lot on or diffuse them as needed. Premium 500ml Essential Oil Diffuser, 5 in 1 Ultrasonic Aromatherapy Fragrant Oil Vaporizer Humidifier, Timer and Auto-Off Safety Switch, 14 LED Light Colors
  8. Toilet, bath and shower rails – my husband put these in for me and although at 33 years old I felt terribly old, they help me so much when my pain is really high and this means I can have bath and get in and out safely. Dreamsbaku Toilet Grab Bar Safety Rail Bathroom Safety handrail Support Stainless Steel 18 inch L-Type Bathroom Non-Slip armrest Nylon Stainless Steel Elderly Safety Grab Railing Toilet handrail Right (Color : White, Size : 40 * 9 * 60cm)
  9. Stick vacuum – I LOVE our Dyson, it recharges after each use and has great suction. We did try a cheaper version in the past just to see how I went with using it, and it was good, but it didn’t last as long and the suction wasn’t as great. When looking into a Dyson, we were recommended to not getting anything less that a 6V as the suction quality isn’t worth it. It has to be recharged after a couple of rooms (depending on house size – I can do all our tiled area without in running out) but that’s ok as you should be pacing yourself and resting after each room or 2 at the most anyways. Plus, now the girls are getting older, they can easily use it and help out at times. Dyson V7 Cord-Free Vacuum Cleaner
  10. Topical creams – I use these for my back and also a lot for my neck as I hold all my tension in my neck and upper back. I just get my Husband to rub it in with a quick massage. Deep Heat Low Odour, 100 Grams Bengay Cold Therapy Pain Relief Gel with Pro-Cool Technology Cooling Pain Reliever for Muscle and Joint Pain 4 oz
  11. Relaxation/meditation – Check out Youtube for so many options.
  12. Foldable walking stick – It took a lot for me to use mine in public as I felt I was too young and that people would judge me as I was overweight as well. (Thanks medications). But my husband pointed out that I couldn’t look any worse than the way i was walking one day due to pain so I sucked it up and kept it with me and started using it when I needed to. It has been a lifesaver! Especially when out and I need to get back to the car or house and if my nerve pain is bad and my leg is weak and/or numb. Comfortable and Lightweight Adjustable Folding Walking Stick – Silver HealthSmart Folding Walking Stick, Soft Comfort Grip Collapsible Walking Stick, Adjustable Folding Walking Cane, Pink Switch Sticks Designer Folding Walking Stick, Folding Walking Cane, Collapsible Walking Stick, Adjustable From 32 to 37 Inches, Engraved Pearl Gold
  13. Reachy graby thing – this is amazing and i think every household should have 1 or 2 regardless! It will stop you bending to pick things up and even the kids think picking up toys is more fun with these! Win win haha BeeShop(TM) Folding Pick Up Reaching Tool Easy Reach Grab Grabber Stick Extend Reacher COMPANY LILI 82cm Foldable Garbage Pick Up Tool Grabber Reacher Stick Reaching Grab Claw Gripper Extend Reach Cleaning Tool Garden School
  14. Foldable bed table – These come in all different styles, so it will depend of what you may need. I love mine for colouring in bed and also to use with my ipad lying down or sitting up, as the legs and table part on one of mine is adjustable. Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk / Stand / Table Vented w / CPU Fans Mouse Pad Side Mount – Notebook – Macbook – Light Weight Ergonomic TV Bed Lap Tray Stand Up / Sitting-Black Portable Adjustable Aluminum Laptop Desk / Stand / Table Vented w / CPU Fans Mouse Pad Side Mount – Notebook – Macbook – Light Weight Ergonomic TV Bed Lap Tray Stand Up / Sitting-Black
  15. Spikey Ball – When I did a pain management course years ago, the physio showed me how to use a tennis ball in a stocking to lean against a wall to massage deeper into my buttocks when my sciatica was bad. Then at the physio that shared space with my psychologist i came across a spikey ball and it has been my best friend ever since. I also use it for my upper back muscles and neck and lower back when needed to but it is my saving grace for sciatic nerve pain. Loumet Spikey Massage Ball, Self Myofascial Release Tool, Great for Massaging Tight Muscles, Knots, and Tension, Trigger Points, Improves Flexibility, Stimulation Ball with Spikey Nodules,10cm, Blue Fitness Mad Spikey Ball 7cm Massage Tool One Size Purple SODIAL 1pc Spikey Massage Ball Soft for Palm Feet Arm Neck Back Blue 5.5CM Baosity Spikey Massage Roller 3 Balls Muscle Massager Stick Bar For Back Shoulder BodyGood Massage Ball Set. Includes Lacrosse Style Ball, Spikey Ball and Peanut for Plantar Fasciitis, Deep Tissue and Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy. Use on Entire Body or Foot, Hands, and Back
  16. Extra Long Charging cords – these come in very handy when you are stuck in bed and your electronic devices need charging whilst your still using them! Toplus iPhone Charger Cord 3Pack 10FT/3M Extra Long Lightning Cable to USB Charging Cord for iPhone X 8 8 Plus 7 7Plus 6 6Plus 5 5s 5c SE iPad iPod Mini Air Pro(White) [2-Pack] USB to USB C Cables (3m), Fasgear Extra Long Nylon Braided Durable USB Type C Cables Fast Charge Sync for Galaxy S9/S8, Moto Z2, LG V30/G6, Nokia N1 and More (Black,White)
  17. Wedge cushion – I have one that lives in my bedroom, next to my bed so I can sit up to read, type, eat, colour and to do, well, anything really. flip it the other way and I can lay elevated to watch a movie as well. But I mainly use mine to sit up. Backrest Cushion,Bloomma Triangle Wedge Pillow Back Cushion Bed Office Chair Rest Pillow Back Support Pillow Wedge Memory Foam Bed Pillow, Breathable & Washable Bamboo Cover, Elevated Triangle Supportive Cushion For Lower Back Pain, Reading, Acid Reflux, Snoring, Heartburn, Post Nasal Drip by Xtreme Comforts
  18. Swivel Seat – these are great for getting in and out of the car. A plastic bag works in a similar way making it easier to sit then turn into the car. Trenton Gifts Swivel Seat Cushion. Cooling Seat Cover – Blue
  19. Straw water bottle – I take this everywhere. And yes, I have one with a straw so I can easily drink whist I am laying down and stuck in bed. I also have thermo one that used to be my girls so my water can stay cold. RefresH2Go Sleek Water Filter Bottle, 22-Ounce 22 oz Purple ICONIQ Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle with Pop Up Straw Cap, 17 Ounce (Pink/Gray)
  20. Hair towel – These are amazing so I don’t have to bend over after washing my hair to wrap my towel on my head! Could’t live without these now. ADOGO Dry Hair Towels 2 Pack, Super Absorbent Hair Wrap Anti-Frizz Soft Cap Microfiber Hair Towel Quickly Dry Hair Turban with Button for Women and Kids (Pink+Purple)
  21. Long handle loofah – these make showers easier to reach the body and not bend and twist. Loofah Sponge Back Scrubber By EKROW – Long Handle Mesh pouf Body Bath Sponge Luffa Body Brush on a Stick with a Wood Handle Body Scrub- Easy Reach Body Washer w/String for Hook Back Scrubber, for Women Men Body Shower Long Handle with Loofah Natural Material Design 3.94 ✖ 31.5 inch (Beige)
  22. Calendar with colours/highlighters – On my fridge I have a paper, flipable magnetic monthly calendar for the year. I write everything on it. If it’s not on the calendar it probably won’t happen. I also have a tub of highlighters on the fridge and I colour code things like My Doctor and Specialist appointments, each family members appointments and anything else relevant. My mother-in-law (who has MS) has a magnetic dry erase monthly one on her fridge that they update monthly. Depends on what suits your needs, but having something on display definitely helps make life easier for you and your loved ones. Owlike Dry Erase Monthly Calendar Large Magnetic Calendar Whiteboard Planer for Refrigerator Fridge Office Family Kitchen Wall -Easy Scrubbing

What other help is out there?

There are so many thing available to help make life with chronic pain and illnesses that little bit (or a lot) easier. If you are unsure of what things may help, or where to even start, check out Life Tec at, they are extremely helpful and will help you where ever they can.

Also, an occupational Therapist (OT) who specialises in chronic pain and pain management can also be extremely helpful to help you individually with your own specific needs. Ask your Doctor or Pain Specialist about doing a Pain Management Program. I learnt so much when I did one over 5 years ago.

Please share below if you use any of the mentioned tools to help make your life a little easier or if you have anything else to share that could help someone else.

Michelle xx

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