Winter can be harsh for many people who are living with chronic pain. I know for me winter sends my back into a spin – and not in a good way. And I live in a part of Queensland, Australia, where winter doesn’t really get THAT cold. 

Below are 7 things that help me survive during the cooler months.

  1. Heat packs – I have an electric heat pad that lives plugged in next to my bed. If we lived in a colder place, I would also opt for an electric blanket for winter. This is the same heat pack that I have been using for a few years now, it has 3 temp settings and switches itself off if you fall asleep! Thermo Comfort Heat Pad
  2. Socks and slippers. If my feet are cool, then I am cold. And walking on cold tiles or flooring makes my back flare up, bad. Something easy to slip on and off so you are not bending down is a must too. HomeTop Women’s Cute Comfy Fuzzy Knitted Memory Foam Slip On House Slippers Indoor (Women 7-8(Aus), Black)
  3. Covered, comfortable and supportive shoes for outdoors. Same reason as above.
  4. A nice warm and snuggly dressing gown. Honestly can not live without mine. This year, I started wearing it morning and evening in April!(Our Autumn starts tin March and winter starts in June) Camille Womens Pink Stay Soft Bonded Fleece Dressing Gown (14/16)
  5. Warm drinks and foods. Things like tea, hot chocolate and coffee. I also like to have soup and prepped, heat up meals, ready to warm up for meals to help keep me warm on the inside. Try asking a friend or family member to prep you some soup or another meal that can be re heated later to help you out. You can offer to pay for the ingredients and ask just for them to prep it for you. Friends and family usually want to help but often don’t know how then can. 
  6. Heater for the house. How ever many you might need. We live in a unit so we only generally need one oil column heater that hubby turns on when he gets up for work the house is ready for when I get up in winter. During the coldest parts we will occasionally leave it on all night, but not too often as we are on one income so have to keep the electricity bill in mind as well. When it is really cold – we have a half sized one we put on in our bedroom for me. Otherwise, I layer up clothing wise. We use an oil column heater, as its safe with the kids around and warms up the unit enough to take the chill out keep us all warm when temps get really low.  Kambrook 1500W 7 Fin Oil Column Heater, Off White – KOH107WHT Some people may prefer something close to them to help keep them warmer like this portable one. Heller 2000W Fan Heater Table Portable Electric Air Heat Blower Desk Home Office Indoor Winter Caranvan Camping AU/NZ Plug
  7. For going out to visit friends or family in winter – I always BYO socks and heat pack! Just in case. I love my Wheat bags (I have 3!) for the lounge room, traveling in the car and taking to peoples houses with me. Wheat Bag Hot Pack, Red, Small, Rectangular, Regular, Unscented, 15 x 29cm, 800g, Each

Keeping warm in winter is #1 for me to help my back from too many flares. Thankfully we don’t live where it snows or gets super cold. What would you add to this list if you live in colder climates?

Michelle xx

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