Pain flares are horrible. Not only do they take over your body, but they can take over your mind way too easily. I know for me, when pain get too bad, I can barely think straight. I’ll forget to even stop and ask for help.

Any distraction, I believe, is worth trying. What works one day may not work the next, depending on your pain level.

Here are 11 ideas for easy distractions when in a flare to help take your mind off your pain

  1. Watch a movie or TV series on Netflix, Stan etc (depending on what you have access to) something you have seen before if needed if your pain is too high to concentrate on something new
  2. Reading – Books or Kindle if you can focus enough at the time
  3. Social Media Scrolling – nice and mind numbing. If you see a post you really want to read but can not concentrate that much yet, save it for later in Facebook saves or pinterest pins etc
  4. Creative outlets – like colouring, drawing, painting, arts and crafts, sewing, crocheting or anything else of interest
  5. Apps – games like solitaire, colouring in apps anything free on your phone or ipad/tablet that can help take your mind of things for a while
  6. Sleep – Close the front door, close the blinds and curtains, switch mobile to silent and hide away
  7. Chats with close friends and/or family – even if you’re just listening to them, it can take your mind off your pain even for a little while
  8. Listen to music (such a soul soother) – anything that gets your mind to drift away for a while. Have a play list ready for this purpose
  9. Use of tens machine unit – tens machines work to block the pain signals so this can be a great temporary help when in a flare
  10. Use Heat/Ice packs – use the one that helps the most or try alternating these two if/as needed, this helps me the most when nothing else is working – or heat alone isn’t cutting it like it usually does
  11. Breakthrough pain medication – although don’t leave this until an absolute last resort. Keeping on top on pain medications will benefit and help keep flares at bay and your pain levels more stable.

Personally …

If my pain level is too high, I go to my top couple depending on where I am/what I am doing. Breakthrough pain medications are especially important to keep on top of if I am out. If I am home, I will jump in bed on the heat pack and scroll on my phone or watch Netflix if I am up to it. If it’s too bad – my body often shuts down and I go into a strange deep sleep for 1-2 hours.

You can find a list of 22 tools/gadgets that help me to manage my chronic pain on another blog post of mine. Everything on that list I have personally tried (unless stated) and use regularly, many of them daily.

Mums & Parents … what about me you ask?!

Head over to my blog post for 6 mum hacks when dealing with chronic pain and add them in with these and see what you get, what might work for you. It’s all trial and error. But keep trying until you find a mix that works as best it can for you and your family.

Please share any distractions that you have found that help you to take your mind off your pain when in a flare. We would love to hear of anything that works for you and share it with other readers.

Michelle xx

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