Being a mum is hard. Living with chronic pain is hard. What happens when you’re waking up to both? Everyday.

Having a morning routine has been essential for me, especially when my girls were younger. Things are a little easier now that they are that little bit older and we are homeschooling. But having some kind of routine/plan helps so much.

This is what has worked for me to be as mum ready in the mornings as I could be with chronic pain.

  1. Have all necessary medications ready in weekly pill box to take first thing and as needed.
  2. Have my heat pack ready to go.
  3. Prepare cup of tea/coffee.
  4. Get comfy – for me that is set up with my cuppa, heat pack and iPhone/iPad in my recliner so I can try and relax and wake up while my pain medications kick in (usually browsing the internet or watching Netflix)
  5. When able and ready, do my morning stretches set out by a physiotherapist. 

For me, personally, if I don’t do these things at least 1 hour before my girls wake up, I would struggle to tend to their needs, if at all. Hubby leaves early for work, so it is essential that I maintain my morning routine as much as I can.

What do you do to make your mornings easier?

Michelle xx

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