Have you thought of homeschooling but are worried that having chronic pain means that you can’t or won’t be able to?

That is exactly what I used to think. For over 2 years, my (now diagnosed) autistic daughter Olivia, would ask to be homeschooled, for various reasons. After her diagnosis in late 2017 and her hardest year of schooling in 2018, I started looking into it. And I began to think maybe it could be possible after all.

Here is a list of 6 reasons why homeschooling WORKS for this mum (me) living with chronic pain.

  1. No school run, means no early morning wake ups/get ups when pain is flaring or its a harder time of the day pain wise. This enables you to pace yourself when needed and keeps away that extra stress of being ready and out the door on time – which only adds to more pain.
  2. No school uniforms that MUST be washed and ready to go everyday! Just wash when you can or have some help to do so. A day at home? There’s no one saying you all can’t do that in your Pj’s.
  3. No lunchboxes to make early in morning when pain might still be peaking. Just have snacks and available ‘allowable’ food for the kids to access if things get really bad pain wise.
  4. Less pressure for everyone with NO homework and fighting to get it done after a long day. There is nothing worse then a long day of school for the kids, sitting and being told what to do and when to do it all day long, only to come home and have that again to get homework done – in a place where they need down time and time to relax and just be kids. Homeschooling has the flexibility to learn on the go, as you are all living your lives. And when more formal, book work needs to be done, it can be broken up and completed at times when everyone is refreshed and ready to really learn.
  5. The homeschooling communities are awesome! And so supportive. And that’s before you even find your own ‘tribe’. Facebook groups all over for your country/state/local area etc for support and guidance as well as making connections for local meet ups etc. It is honestly so refreshing just how helpful everyone is. The sharing of information and resources is unbelievable.
  6. Pure Flexibility. Having a bad pain day? That’s ok, just do the bare minimum of what you need to for the kids and take care of yourself as well. Make up any work at a later day. The flexibility is absolutely priceless and endless.

Honestly, all the reasons that were holding me back turned out to be the reasons that has made homeschooling work for us as a family, and me – a mum parenting with chronic pain.

Have any questions? Leave a comment below or email me here.

Michelle xx

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