Cleaning with chronic pain

Do you struggle to keep on top of your house cleaning due to chronic pain? After my second back surgery over 7 years ago, my husband took on almost every chore as well as looking after our 2 & 3 year olds and working.

Here are ways I have learnt, tried and tested to help and try to make cleaning easier with chronic pain and hopefully keep on top of them so that my hubby doesn’t have to do it all. He still does a lot more than I’d like, but at least I can manage more now than I used to.

Grocery shopping

Start by keeping a shopping list handy. I have a magnetic pad on the fridge that I can add to as I go. This will avoid missing/forgetting things and needing to make extra trips.

Depending on where you live and what you have access to will depend on what you can try from the following:

  • Delivery – in Australia we can get supermarket deliveries from both Coles and Woolworths that are delivered straight to your kitchen bench. There are also many fruit and vegetable paces that deliver to your front door.
  • Other options for delivery are things like, youfoodz, liteneasy, hellofresh, Dinnerly and more. Some are prepared, prepacked meals ready to heat and heat, others are all the foods for set meals packed ready to be chopped and cooked. These options will also make preparing foods easier but can be on the more expensive side for this of us unable to work and already have long list of medical bills.
  • Click and collect – with Coles and Woolworths you can do your shopping online but instead of having it delivered you or you partner/family member/friend can collect it for you.
  • Taking someone shopping with you to help load and unload your groceries.
  • Doing smaller shops more frequently/daily to make the loads smaller and more manageable.

Food Prep

As mentioned above, one option could be to order prepared healthy food if it’s in your budget range. Otherwise here are some ideas for making this task more manageable

  • Plan ahead by meal planning for each week – this will help break down what food is needed, what needs to be done and by when.
  • Use a chair/stool at the bench or the kitchen table to sit at whilst preparing meals and snacks for that meal or in small bulk lots for ahead of time. This is helpful especially when pain is high, to have snacks and meals prepped ahead of time.
  • Make bulk meals and freeze leftovers for days when it’s needed and to avoid having to prep and cook every day.


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