Christmas to new year week this year

I’m not sure about everyone else, but as much as I love and look forward to Christmas (more so again since having my girls 9 & 10 years ago) … I also can not wait for the Christmas – new year week to be over and done with. 

My girls birthdays are 26th and 29th December… so it’s extra busy and puts extra pressure, stress and therefore pain on my back, both physically and emotionally.

Every year it’s the same… every year I crash and burn and end up missing half or more of it anyways. I love this time of year – but I seriously HATE missing out on so much with my girls and family.

Christmas Day

This year I made it though the entire Christmas day – sitting, socialising and few drinks as well. But every Christmas Eve, I never sleep well. The nights before girls birthdays, I also never sleep well. My over thinking brain just can not switch off about everything teeny tiny thing that I think needs to happen for the days to be perfect. 

Olivia’s Birthday

Olivia’s 10th birthday (Boxing Day), I spent most of the day in bed … and not just in pain in bed but sleeping on and off as well. I was beyond exhausted. 

Thankfully she loved her presents. And her grandpa (my dad) took both girls to the movies to see The Addams Family and then hubby took them to sushi train for dinner. So the most important thing was that she had a great day on her birthday. 

Friday night hubby took them roller skating as that was Olivia’s request for her bday (and not much is open on Boxing Day! So she usually has to wait.)

We had my immediate family over Saturday for both girls birthdays. 

Chelsea’s Birthday

Chelsea’s Birthday I managed to get up for presents, which she loved and again that night for take away and cake. Luckily for me her choice was McDonalds – so Ty could just go through drive through and we could eat all together at home. And then Ty and the girls went ice skating during the day as Chelsea’s choice to do. Ice skating is something I can’t go to anyway … I went once to watch and it’s too cold for my back even to sit and watch. Somethings are worth extra pain medications and bed rest and some just aren’t. This was one of those, especially seeing as I was already drowning in extra pain.

The in between days

Usually, with the rest and missing of some things in between I can usually do something with my husband and children during the two weeks hubby normally has off. Like small outings to park or local ‘beach’ or the pool. 

Every year is HARD, why was this one harder?

This year I was in bed pretty much since Boxing Day, or Olivia’s Birthday. I made it up for presents and cake but slept and rested the rest of the day. Friday saw more rest and bed than usual, but I tried to make sure Saturday I was rested and as prepped as I could be for family over for girls birthdays.

On the Saturday afternoon, I had to lie down whilst we still had family over, which isn’t unusual either – they are used to it. But I didn’t get back up until making it up for Chelsea’s presents the next morning, and dinner and cake that night. Then bed, for the next six days until I could see my GP. It was bad. I got up each morning from bed to couch wth heat pack and cup of tea and extra pain medication. Then back to bed, only getting up to go to the toilet get a drink/bite to eat as I passed through the kitchen. I was screaming or crying in pain just to get in and out of bed each and every time.

During that week I used heat packs and Netflix as distractions. I’ve needed my walking stick to help me get around and my eldest daughter, Olivia,  had to helped me dry after my shower and dress me back into clean pjs. I slept on and off a lot, the week was basically a blur. 

New Year Eve, New Year and Beyond

We were supposed to go and visit my husbands dad and step mum around New Years. I suggested that Ty and the girls (and the puppy) still go – but obviously he could see how bad I was more than I could at the time, as he was worried about leaving me alone. And he was right. I don’t remember much if the week so I am glad the were all around. 

As Chelsea had a viral infection, Olivia a cold and myself a cold all before Christmas, plus other symptoms, GP was pretty sure I still had a viral infection that moved in to attack my back. He put me on six days of steroids for the inflammation and that helped so much. I still couldn’t do a lot … but at least I could get in and out of bed without tears and screaming in pain. That was a relief in itself. Ty had to return to work as well so timing worked out. 

But then a couple of days into Ty back at work and I still wasn’t feeling great, and as I reduced and finished the steroids, it started getting worse again. So I went back to the GP. Who put me back on steroids for another full week, reducing down to a quarter tablet by the end. Now to wait and see ow that goes. he is hoping it will be enough time for the virus to getup of my system and the inflammation to calm down more.

This is why the Christmas – New Year season is a huge love/hate time of year.

We have so much on, love and family wise. But I can rarely keep up. And I always put too much pressure on myself physically and mentally. This year was worse than most, but it’s still basically how each year unfolds, I just usually get to join in a bit more. 

I am going to try and adjust my expectations and priorities next Christmas – New Year. I’m it sure how yet … but I have 11 months to work that out and hopefully get some help making the way. 

How did you survive the festive season? I’d love some tips for 2020! 

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